4 COMMON SIGNS OF VERBAL ABUSE ~ That Crush Your Spirit and Break Your Heart

How does anyone really begin to define verbal abuse?  For each person may define it differently.   I think we all have different capacities of tolerance based on our upbringing, our environment, our genuine nature, and the ability to escape the verbal abuser (for hours, a day, a week, etc).   If you have never […]

Know When To Stand Down

Have you ever wanted something for someone else because you just knew that they were highly qualified, that they deserved the good that would come, and/or because it would better their life?  Isn’t it easy to sometimes view another’s needs from an outside perspective?  There is a difference though of manipulating and controlling someone versus […]

The Will To Heal

When you are overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, I think it’s interesting how you can be exhausted and at the same time feel your heart racing like you’ve had too much coffee.  I let my body feel these strange symptoms today. To me, they were conflicting symptoms and if I looked at the bigger picture, […]

Simple Joy

What brings you a simple Joy?  During a season of heartache, seemingly unending stress, or an illness, what is it that causes you to stop, breathe deep, and smile? While it can be overwhelming to get big tasks completed, take a moment to think of your simple joys. When was the last time you went […]