Do you remember how wonderful it was to have a group of childhood friends that just hung with you every day; on the playground, in your home, in the backyard or at school?  I think as we age, we see the most amazing importance of sharing life with a select group of TRUSTED friends.


1. During life’s hard seasons, those seasons you can barely endure, to have an honest and loving friend that stays by your side is immeasurable.  In a season where you may feel lost, to have this best friend that stays closer than a brother gives a quiet needed strength.  Have you read this Bible scripture from Proverbs 18:24 that says, “A man who has friends must be friendly, but there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.”.

I have to share a precious moment I witnesses this last weekend at my niece’s wedding, which was TRULY the most elegant and fun wedding I have ever experienced!  It was in the Hill Country town of Wimberly, Tx. My older sister, number 2 of 5 daughters,  has a special needs son and has built a STRONG  tiny group of her “own sisters” that understand the needs and challenges of life with a special needs child.  What I found so beautiful last weekend was when my sister gave the most heart melting genuine speech honoring her daughter and new son-in-law,  this special group of maybe 5 best friends walked up and stood with her as she began choking up in front of everyone at the wedding.  That in itself was incredibly powerful, seeing this group of ladies be her quiet and strong support!  We could all be that blessed!  It spoke volumes to my heart!

2.  The honest advise or opinions of best friends who know you.  When a genuine friend knows your idiosychracies, your desires, your real flaws, your heart they can give advice based on real factors and situations.  Each of our lives are different.  Similar stories since the beginning of time, but different details.  No ones story will ever match exactly another’s.  Having a loving best friend that takes all the facts, good and bad and stands with you is a gift to NEVER DISMISS.

3.  Laughter is one of the best benefits shared by best friends.  Our souls need laughter.  When we share gut laughs, whether it’s ornery humor or simplistic humor, it’s a bonding love shared.  All sorts of positive health benefits are out there on the benefits of laughing.  Sometimes it’s easier laughing with besties than family members.  Not that we cannot have family as besties, but having a little distance sometimes adds such an ease to life. A little arms distance sometimes gives you that freedom to really open up about your marriage, your own family, your job situation, whatever it is that allows you to need to laugh and be transperant.

Growing older, I encourage us all to create and allow best friendships to form.  Be the best friend YOU need.  Be there for those that were there for you.  These relationships will sustain us, make us better, more loving, more compassionate, more tolerable, and provide a love we need as we each age.  It will be a different love than your marriage, different than a siblings love,  but its own special love.

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