Know When To Stand Down

Have you ever wanted something for someone else because you just knew that they were highly qualified, that they deserved the good that would come, and/or because it would better their life?  Isn’t it easy to sometimes view another’s needs from an outside perspective?  There is a difference though of manipulating and controlling someone versus being a positive encouraging influence.  What a difficult position this is when you love someone and are heartbroken that they are a stone’s throw away from a different life if they walked through certain or even uncertain doors.

My thought today is that part of our special assignment while living and loving others in this life is to be an encourager!  When someone you know is going through a huge financial, relational, or devastating set back, they will need love, patience, and to be lifted in sensitive ways.  It could be as simple as checking on them with texts, sweet uplifting facebook messages,  some yummy comfort food, or a phone conversation when they emerge from reclusivity.  On that note, many people do hole up and are processing their heart ache.  If you know this person well, you will know how much is too much.  Be watchful for them reaching out to you ON THEIR TIME.  Answer their texts, their random phone call, a message through facebook or other form of social media.  If they want to meet, make every effort to do so.  If they would prefer to just talk on the phone, don’t insist meeting in person.  Be available in the way they reach out to you.

I have someone close to me that is out of a job.  This is an executive that is in shock, is hoping something will land in his lap, and is prideful.  I completely understand.   He is lost in ways.  I have searched jobs for this friend on different job boards and sent them.  I have found highly reputable recruiting firms and shared that information.  It’s all falling on deaf ears.  Why is it making me anxious?  It is because I know this persons worth and huge potential they offer to their specific line of work.  When someone is heartbroken or depressed,  you want to fix their hurt, repair their heart,  stand them on their feet again, but ultimately THEY have to want to heal and chase life at their own speed.

So, all we can lovingly do is to ride along beside this loved one and offer encouragement when we can and respect thier boundaries.  This may be stepping aside for a while and allowing them the time to soak up and in, how they need to heal.  We are not all the same.  Some need to be very social and some need quiet. Haven’t you had that moment that became your “final straw” and it was such a non-monumental thing to someone else, but to YOU it was the straw that broke the camels back.  Well, we all have that breaking moment that makes us get up and go!

So, I am speaking to myself today in regards to this special person in my life, knowing he could apply for numerous positions and probably be highly considered.  However,  that is obviously NOT the encouragment he needs and wants for now and maybe not ever.  My role is to be his quiet cheerleader, an encourager of life, to remind him that he has great gifts many others enjoy.  I am standing down.  On a fun positive note, I have learned so much about new executive jobs and  thier requirements.  It has inspired me in great ways.  Nothing was wasted and much gained!

Have a wonderful weekend Ya’ll.

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