Have you ever felt like you have just absolutely blown it?  Have you taken a path of your own choosing that was MESSED UP?  Did you spout off at someone and now you cannot take back what you spewed in anger or because your heart was broken?  Have you made a series of mistakes in a season and have been harshly judged by loved ones or friends?

Are you sad or hurting?  Do you want to fix things somehow, but do not even know where on earth to begin?  Does it just seem so unfix-able or overwhelming, that you just want to go into flight mode?

I have.  I have answered YES to each one of these questions that I have asked you.  It is painful to face each question.  I have been broken and I have broken others.  We have all heard that adage, “hurt people hurt people”.  Well, yes to each question.


Make a FRESH START today or first thing in the morning.  Let this day that got messed up, this week that knocked you down, the month that swallowed you, or the whole dad gum season GO!  Calm yourself down and start over.  You have to take just one step.  You know when we get knocked around,  it is easy to lose our confidence and we actually lose our footing and are afraid to take a step back and afraid to make a step forward.  WE GET STUCK.  WE BECOME AFRAID.  WE ARE UNCERTAIN about things that we would have never doubted in our stronger seasons of life.  But here we are scared and lonely, without hope at times.

There is a Bible verse that I love and it gives me courage to make a fresh start, making steps towards beginning again. It is from Psalm 119:105 and says, ” The Word of God is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”.  As a lover of hiking in nature, I picture that I am walking in the woods on a path, but in the dark.  It is easy to trip over a root, a rock, an uneven path, twist an ankle or step on a snake.  I mentally imagine this Bible verse in that I have little lamps on my shoes, so I do not trip and fall.  I can see the path more clearly!  Just following that advice of  “one foot in front of the other” but now imagine it with His Light.  In that, it gives HOPE for a new beginning.  Tomorrows fresh start!

(Side note:  That adorable baby in the photo is my surprise youngest at 1.5 and my oldest at 20 year old.  We were hiking in the Texas Hill country.  These were my baby’s first shoes!  I have worn this same brand.  They have the toddler “bumber toe” and are KEEN Kids’ Seacamp II Cnx-T Sandal, Viridian/Very Berry, 6 M US Toddler)

Anyway… .We do not need to stay STUCK IN THE PAST.  We can learn from the hurts that have slam dunked us and the hurts where we have slam dunked others.  We can get up and let go of being a VICTIM.  Break free.  Ignore the judgement of others.  Just a big thought on IGNORING THE JUDGEMENT OF OTHERS,  are we really going to allow them to hold us hostage of a mistake or even a series of mistakes?  Are we going to stay stuck to let them see that they were right and give them something to continue to gossip about??  Think about that.  GET UP, SHAKE OFF THE DIRT, REMEMBER WHO YOU WERE AND THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS YOU HAVE HAD.  OWN the precious person that God made you to be! He made you WONDERFUL!  GET UP! Begin again Loved One.  Begin Again.

Make small steps to passions you used to love or ones that you never started, but now will. Reach out to those that quietly loved you in your rough spot that you may have not had the energy or stamina to maintain.  Go to church and take in the Holy Spirit to your soul.  Its a very private moment when you are not there trying to impress others.  Its you and Him.  Let Him show you how much you are loved by Him!  Find yourself again!  Get off social media as much as possible and read books, work outside in the yard, go for a hike or walk, attend your children’s games and immerse yourself in every second (don’t get wrapped up talking to the other parents!  Its your baby!  It is about them!  Enjoy your gift),  paint, draw, clean your home or start smaller with a closet.  DO.  It is time to step into the light and live differently.  This may be the exact season that launches incredible changes in your life, the lives of your children, or you may impact many down the road because of the strength and humility you carried (dragged) out of that old season to this FRESH START.

So, a few thoughts to speak yourself!

1.  Do not reread your last chapter.  It is gone.  Look forward and do not swim in the past.

2.  Do not compare.  The wins of your past may not be how you win today!  What worked then will probably not work today.  Do not be discouraged if this happens and think about truly making a NEW UNIQUE win for this NEW SEASON.

3.  Forgive those that have hurt you.  Do your best, really.  You will open your heart to good for YOUR future.  This does not mean you need to allow them back in your life fully, if at all.  But, take some heart to heart conversations between you and God and ask over and over in prayer to let go of that pain.  Remember the ones that you have hurt too…the ones you slam dunked.  You can forgive and give the grace that someone has given you, undeserving too.

4.  Start new healthy relationships.  Create a new positive mentally healthy group of friends.  Be mindful of the types that you may be drawn to that will take you down a previous path of destruction.  Learn to feel that red flag and exit early (kindly and firmly) out of that situation.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL AND IT IS HARD, BUT WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER! There are so many great stories out there of people like you and me, that started new careers at 50, 60, 70, 80 years old.  They have purchased their first home after having deplorable credit for years.  They were blessed with a baby after seasons of a closed womb.  A wayward child comes home.  An addict who found the saving grace of Christ and has a new life and story to build others up.  Any one of us and our stories are meant to build others, to love others to health, to save someone.  So, think of the people out there that need you.  Day One, START OVER, BEGIN AGAIN.  Life will be better and stronger and then GIVE BACK LOVED ONES!

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