The 3 G’s – Gifts, Giving, and Gain!

  • Where do your thoughts go when you get relaxed and quiet? Is it with or towards a specific person?  Do your thoughts run to a time frame of memories?  Are there regrets you play over and over in your mind?  Do you second guess the decisions that you chose?
  • Guess what?  If you do this, do you realize that you are NOT alone?!  Each one of us have regrets. Each one of us miss someone or miss numerous people or a place.
  • How do we get past these hurts, these regrets, the opportunities passed, and missing someone?  I’ve HATED hearing that old adage, “time heals all wounds”!  It’s horrible when you are in the throes of pain.  Yes, there is truth in it,  but what if you want the pain, regret, and loneliness to stop NOW?!  What can any of us do to ease the pain now?  The holidays are hard.  We see “family” commercials and movies.  We hear of our friends shopping for their loved ones.  We are innately driven to love, especially in this season that was placed in our heart supernaturally, and if we hurt it seems to be so magnified.
  • I’ve also heard this other adage and I think it’s STUPID, “there is always someone who is worse off than you”.  Well, I’m not into comparing at all and I don’t wish anyone else pain.  It makes me happy to wish joy into another’s life.  We need lights in this world to lift and give love along our paths. Be that to others!  So, that is my point!  Be the light YOU NEED!
  • If your heart aches, truly aches of a broken heart, get your pitiful HINEY up and go to an orphanage or shelter and volunteer.  There are CHILDREN out there with NO parents to love them like they should!  Give them your time and your attention.  Read with or to them.  Listen to them.  You will make a difference.  I am not belittling at all your grief! I have been in such low places and in those low places, I had to show up and put a smile on to help someone else.  Every part of me wanted to just cry out loud and tell of MY heartache, MY sadness, MY story.  Instead, I gave my smile.  Instead, I gave two ears to listen, genuinely listen to whomever was there.  Instead, I thought about THEIR situation and what they shared and ideas, solutions, or ways to comfort them.
  • It helped me to GIVE to someone else.  I have a heart for loving and appreciating women and especially children.  That’s my heart draw.  Maybe yours is for animals or the elderly, volunteering at church, a prison ministry or wherever you feel a NATURAL call on your life and pull on your heart.  Do not dismiss this gift you feel and have!   That’s where you are suppose to be!  It’s the place that you are suppose to GIVE YOUR STRENGTHS, even when you feel like you have none.  Sometimes, when you feel the weakest is when you give THE MOST and have no idea of the impact it will have on another.  Think of a bigger picture that maybe in YOUR heartache, you are able to actually notice another’s need.  Their need for love, their loneliness, their pain or abandonment…. You are giving of yourself to help them heal, actually being there for someone in their time of need.  Do you ever forget those that showed up in YOUR time of need?! No! You hold them near and dear to your soul until the day you leave this earth!  Be that to someone else! It’s a free gift.
  • By being open to being there for someone else in their heartache, you begin to heal your own heart.  You soften.  You strengthen.  You grow.  You pass time, the time that seems to go at a snails pace.  You learn to see life with less judgmental eyes.  I know how easy it is to hunker down in your own home and bed, hibernate, and fade from the world when you’re broken.  But, giving back to another broken heart is such a precious thing.  I love win – wins, and this is a win win! Find your God given desire or gift and start there.  Don’t be too analytical about where you think you feel led, just act!
  • In this season of joy and giving, if your heart aches….GIVE. And if I can add you to my prayers, because I wholly believe in the power of intercessory prayer,  please comment below and know you will not be forgotten and will be prayed over.

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