Get Your Snuggle and Hug On!


Seriously, who does not NEED a hug?  I am talking about a rich and genuine deep LONG heart to heart hug.  Also, how about snuggling?  I am talking about laying in bed or on a sofa with someone you trust and truly just laying there holding and being held with no agenda, but giving and receiving simple joy. Hugging and snuggling have powerful healing properties, so find a “hug and snuggle buddy” and heal some hurts.

~Hugging can heal, even if it’s temporary, feelings of loneliness.  I know how easy it is to isolate and withdraw when you are hurting.  A genuine deep hug can be the biggest drink of refreshing water as if you had been in the desert.

~Hold the hug. Don’t let go so quickly.  Melt into this beautiful person who is giving so freely of themselves.  They may need your hug as well and it feels wonderful to give what you can, ESPECIALLY since a hug is free!

~A hug can give you shivers, truly allowing your nerves to settle down.  Sometimes we can be under so much stress that we become hypersensitive to any additional stresses. Your body reacts to stress in many bizarre ways and a wonderful deep hug leading to snuggling can truly be such a gift to your nerves!  Do not underestimate your “fight or flight mode” that takes over when you are dealing with a broken heart of any kind (job, marriage, children, death, financial, etc).  Your nerves are speaking to you.

~Allow a hug to settle you down.  A hug can transport you out of where you are and into a place of joy.  Let go and let your skin feel every aspect of it.  Your serotonin and oxytocin levels amp up, adding to a relaxed state. Take in the moment and savor it like a piece of chocolate, hot bath or whatever it is that makes you chill.

I love hugs and snuggling!  Thank goodness I have 3 precious daughters who all believe in the power of hugs and snuggling!  My youngest daughter, all of 5 years old, gives them freely and very often.  I am so very thankful and cherish them.  Occasionally,  I will get an unexpected hug that touches my soul and the humorous part of it is that I get HOT.  Yes, all my life when I get emotional, my body temperature increases.  I had someone ask me, “if I was getting sick and said I felt feverish?”.  I laughed and explained to them that they warmed my heart, literally. So go make a difference and hug and snuggle with someone today!  Surprise them by giving and give to yourself the power to heal your own body!

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