The Great Outdoors And Pink Fleece

Happily capable of donning my cowboy boots and walking acreage for a living, being mindful of snakes, feral hogs, bee hives, and the such, I love being female! Have you seen the great pink camouflage outfits at Bass Pro Shop?  There is such soft comfortable pretty and useful outdoor gear for us ladies.

When was the last time you truly were in the great wild outdoors? I’m talking about hiking, camping by tent or motorhome, skipped rocks over and over at the river, kayaked, jumped rocks until you fell in up to your ankles or knee, grilled over a campfire, noticed a starry sky in the woods and so much more to enjoy.  When you are hurting, this is the perfect place to allow some rest to your nerves.  Slowing down and noticing the fragrance of certain trees, hearing the wind rustle the leaves and birds versus a cell phone attached to your hand, the TV, radio, or Ipad.  A break from social media, certain people, expectations, and pleasing others can be a drive away.

Put on something that makes you feel good. I know that can depend on your mood.  I have a favorite pair of pretty black Luccese high shaft boots that I wear to walk acreage when I’m working.  I feel safer in them and they look great, plus they are like wearing soft old broken-in tennis shoes.  When I am not working and my soul needs the outside, if it is cold I wear something fleecy and pink or black.  I wear old Levi jeans (because I still think of snakes and think they are sturdier than yoga pants!) and some old Dan Roper broken in boots.  If it’s hot outside, I usually choose one of my husbands dress shirts and tie it up.  Make yourself look pretty, even if you are alone and won’t see a soul.  This is for you. It’s a date for yourself, for your stressed out nerves, for your eyes that need to cry, for pent up feelings that need to be expressed in solitude to a forest, to catch your breath and give you a chance to heal what hurts. image

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