In The Heat of The Moment

image When you think of your seasons of being exhausted, have you ever truly considered the relaxing powers of a hot bubble bath?  There are so many ways to enjoy a bath, whether its a large garden tub or the standard size found in most homes.  I’ve had both, but over the last 7 years it has been the standard size.  While I dream of one day again having a larger bath tub, I am still wonderfully transformed in a yummy hot bath every single day!

Yes, my knees come up out of the water. However, I have found a brilliant way to offset that little negative aspect.  I make the water very hot, for me that is around 120*.  So, having my legs bent with knees exposed to the cool air feels great!  It has become a quiet ritual for me to add Epsom salts,  a fragrant bubble bath product that smells Heavenly to me, maybe a candle (this depends on how much time I truly have because I want the candle to give off a scent, not just glow), and a washcloth that has a few sprinkles of an essential oil.  Because the heat of the bath makes me thirsty, I usually prefer a cold glass of milk beside me to enjoy.

You will be so pleasantly surprised how your body will thank you for allowing it to melt in the water and relax. Let your mind go. Rest. Play some pretty music on your IPad, listen to a motivational speech or sermon.  Close your eyes, shut the door if needed, and let the day wash away. Tomorrow is tomorrow, but today can end peacefully in the heat of the moment or in hot water. It’s a different way to view that negative figure of speech…. Go enjoy a bath!

Enfusia Cocoon Baby Bubble Bath     is one of my favorite new lines!  I fell in love with their Frankincense bath salts initially.  They also have their Fizz and Foam Bath Bombs, which are so fun, make the bath smell so yummy and if you place it under your shoulders while bathing, it tickles your back!  This is a Texas lady who started this line and I am very picky about my bath products.

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