The Will To Heal

imageWhen you are overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, I think it’s interesting how you can be exhausted and at the same time feel your heart racing like you’ve had too much coffee.  I let my body feel these strange symptoms today. To me, they were conflicting symptoms and if I looked at the bigger picture, my mind and heart were also processing conflicting scenarios.  Fight or flight, being absolutely physically and emotionally exhausted but unable to sleep.

Being IN the emotions, taking IN the pain or heartache as they seemingly take your body to its own place of bizarreness are putting you on a path of healing. It may not seem like it, but the process can be fascinating if you will appreciate HOW your body and mind repair itself.  The brain is either analyzing or numb. The body just wants a soft cozy place to lay or is fidgety.  The emotional side of your heart will be wherever it is based on WHY you are even in this overwhelming situation.

Allow yourself to notice these details. Be thankful for the miracle of your body attempting to heal itself. Your body is stepping up to the plate when you feel you cannot handle the stress.  How amazing that these conflicting symptoms are working together to bring peace to your spirit. It may take a while depending on what the stressors are, but  noticing the small details of your BEAUTIFUL body at work is something incredible. You may think you are down and out or cannot keep going, but look at your body’s will to live, to heal, to survive. Let it do its job and you just find the small simple things that bring you joy.  Remember these details of your heartache so you can lift another soul in their time of need and give back to the body that has healed you in your time of need.

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